Pioneer Data Collection

pioneer_map2The Ocean Observatory Initiative has deployed the Pioneer array of sensors on the shelf and slope of the US East Coast. To serve scientists developing research projects around the OOI assets, SeaView is providing links to data from the Pioneer Array region in its partner repositories, using two standard formats: ODV and netCDF. Data collected from OOI sensors are available through the OOI data portal; below we provide co-located data from the SeaView repositories.

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Data Content & Access

The Pioneer Area Data Collection holds data from 4 oceanographic partner repositories from the region of the OOI Pioneer Array, downloadable from the diagram or below. We also link additional data from the region that are not in the packages.

Compilation of all Pioneer SeaView data; click to download

ODV Collection (39.9MB as .zip)
NetCDF (via THREDDS server) Under Repair

BCO-DMO: Biological and Chemical Oceanography Data Management Office

Data contribution: Two CTD datasets in the Pioneer region
ODV Collection (4.1MB as .zip)
NetCDF (66MB as .nc)
Metadata (as .csv)
Status: Not all Pioneer-region data from BCO-DMO are included.

CCHDOHydrography and Physical Oceanography

Data Contribution: Bottle-calibrated CTD data from 11 cruises in the pioneer region.
ODV collection (8.6MB as zip)
NetCDF (27MB as .nc)
Metadata (1KB as .csv)
Status: Complete

OBIS: Ocean Biogeographic Information System

Data contribution: One dataset, the Northeast Fisheries Science Center Bottom Trawl Survey
ODV collection (8.4MB as .zip)
(Note: formatting OBIS data as NetCDF is an area of development)
Metadata (<1MB as .csv)
Status: Not all Pioneer-region data from OBIS are included.

R2R: Rolling Deck to Repository

Data Contribution: Cruise metadata including ship tracks for 145 cruises in the region, and CTD data from 49 cruises
Cruise metadata and navigation – ODV Collection (<1MB as .zip)
Note: NetCDF format is not appropriate for cruise metadata and navigation tracks
CTD – ODV Collection (17 MB as .zip)
CTD – NetCDF (243MB as .nc)
CTD – Metadata (<1MB as .csv)
Status: Complete

Additional data: these data have not been incorporated into the SeaView collection, but may be of interest to those working in the region.

MARACOOS: the Mid-Atlantic Regional Association Coastal Ocean Observing System provides data from satellites, HF radar, gliders, drifters, and a set of time series stations, including weather data.
Hydrographic (CTD) data from Northeast Fisheries Science Center Surveys 2000-2017. Available from (also contributed to NOAA World Ocean Database.)
Zooplankton count data from the Northeast Fisheries Science Center Ecosystem Monitoring (ECOMON) surveys from 1977-2015. Available from