Bermuda Atlantic Time-Series Collection

The Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences is home to world’s longest running physical deep-ocean time series, Hydrostation S.  Thirty years ago, these observations were expanded to multiple sites throughout the Sargasso Sea. SeaView exclusively provides unique data from its three partner repositories in this collection.

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Data Content

The BATS Collection holds data from 3 oceanographic partner repositories from the BATS region and Hydrostation S.

Compilation of all SeaView BATS region data

ODV Collection (58MB as .zip)

BCO-DMO: Biological and Chemical Oceanography Data Management Office

Data contribution: 5 datasets from Trophic BATS project.
ODV Collection (64KB as .zip)
NetCDF (3.6MB as .nc)
Metadata (1.5KB as .csv)
Status: Complete

CCHDO: Hydrography and Physical Oceanography

Data contribution: CTD data from 59 datasets.
ODV Collection (26MB as .zip)
NetCDF (451MB as .nc)
Metadata (10KB as .csv)
Status: Complete

R2R: Rolling Deck to Repository

Data contribution: Ship tracks from 176 cruises; CTD from 105 cruises.
Cruise Metadata and Navigation – ODV Collection (31MB as .zip)
(Note: cruise metadata is not appropriate for NetCDF format, and does not need metadata)
CTD – ODV Collection (31 MB as .zip)
CTD – NetCDF (2.5GB as .nc)
CTD – Metadata (258KB as .csv)
Status: Complete